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The security of your Rhode Island home or business depends on effective technology and rapid human response. If there is trouble at your location, an alarm signal is sent directly to our company’s own 24-Hour Security Command Center, which is based right here in New England and staffed by a team of highly-trained operators who respond, on average, in less than 24 seconds to priority signals from our customers’ homes or businesses.

Most security companies outsource their monitoring to third-parties, with massive call centers in distant locations, where response times are often measured in minutes. We never outsource our customer’s security. Furthermore, too many companies have built-in delays for their alarm signals, because their systems are prone to false alarms. They rely on their customers to identify and correct for false alarms before sending a signal to their monitoring centers. We believe that a security system that delays an alarm signal is not really secure. Immediate signal transmission and rapid response from our 24-Hour Command Center, gives Electronic Alarms customers the highest level of security.

Monitoring Your Rhode Island Home or Business


Our current 24-Hour Security Command Center, also known as a Central Station, is considered an industry-leader. It was built in 2005 and we continuously optimize and upgrade its systems and processes to stay at the leading edge. Features such as triple-redundant telecommunications links, including mesh radio, and two back-up power systems to ensure the Security Command Center can operate under any conceivable conditions. In all of our years in business, it has never been down, for even a single day. Our 24-Hour Command Center holds the highest available certifications from Underwriters Laboratories and the Central Station Alarm Association of America (CSAA).

In the unlikely event of a catastrophe, we maintain a disaster-recovery plan with a remote central station elsewhere in the United States. All of our Security Command Center data is backed up daily to that remote location. Should the unthinkable occur, our system will switch over automatically to the remote location and remain operational.

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