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Pro-active Service and a Lifetime Warranty

Every new Electronic Alarms home security system we install and monitor carries a lifetime warranty with an annual wellness inspection to keep the security system in top shape.

It’s a simple, pro-active approach to customer service that rests on this foundation: for as long as we monitor your Electronic Alarms installed home security system, if a component suffers a technical failure, we'll fix it for free - parts and labor.

What our Lifetime Warranty Includes:

  • Free annual wellness inspection of your home security system
  • Inspect your components
  • Clean your smoke detectors
  • Replace batteries as needed

These are simple, but important pro-active steps we take to keep our customers protected. Then, we'll remotely test your home security system once a week from our 24-hour Command Center. And if, in the rare case, you have a system problem that causes you to incur a false alarm fine from local police or fire, we'll pay that bill.

At Electronic Alarms, we take this pro-active approach to service, and offer this unique lifetime warranty and inspection program for your home security system, because we strive for 100 percent customer security and satisfaction.

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