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Since 2012 every new Electronic Alarms home security system we install and monitor is offered a lifetime warranty with an annual wellness inspection to keep the system in top shape.

Mobile Applications and Home Automation

Today, you can have powerful home security system with home automation tools in the palm of your hand. Get an email with a video link showing your child returning home from school. View any area of your home covered by video cameras from a smartphone, tablet or Internet connected computer. Remotely arm or disarm your security system. Adjust the heat, or turn the lights on, or off, from afar.

These mobile security and home automation applications are part of Electronic Alarms’ interactive services -- powered by -- which help our customers leverage the digital networked environment for enhanced security and energy efficiency from their smartphone, computer, or any web-enabled device.

These mobile applications can be integrated on all current-generation Electronic Alarms security panels. Customers with older alarm systems may need additional hardware to access these services. For more information on these mobile applications contact one of our security consultants at 401-737-2221.


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