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Since 2012 every new Electronic Alarms home security system we install and monitor is offered a lifetime warranty with an annual wellness inspection to keep the system in top shape.

When Fire Strikes, Seconds Count


During a house fire, every second counts when it comes to the response time of the authorities, and could mean the difference between minor damage and complete loss, or between life and death.

A home fire alarm system from Electronic Alarms combines the best smoke, heat, and gas detectors and technology with our excellent response time and customer service. A home fire system with Electronic Alarms is closely monitored by our 24-Hour Security Command Center.

Monitoring a Home Fire Alarm

A home fire alarm is only as good as the team monitoring your system when you're away from home. An alarm has to be heard for it to serve a purpose. That's why the security staff with Electronic Alarms is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we're familiar with the Rhode Island area. When it comes to fire, heat, and gas detectors and monitoring, Electronic Alarms works tirelessly to ensure our customers homes and families are always safe.

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