Residential Burglar Alarm Systems

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Since 2012 every new Electronic Alarms home security system we install and monitor is offered a lifetime warranty with an annual wellness inspection to keep the system in top shape.

Less than 24 Seconds

Residential Burglary alarm systems

As one of the cornerstone pieces to any complete security system, home burglar alarms (or intrusion detection systems) can be designed by Electronic Alarms for any type of home in the Rhode Island area.

No More Communication Delays

There are a growing number of alarm companies that program communication delays of up to 4 minutes in their burglar alarm systems. This is because of the high amount of false alarms their systems produce. How can a comprehensive security system wait this long? We at Electronic Alarms design and install home burglar alarm systems with the highest standards, essentially eliminating any false alarms caused by system malfinction. When disasters strike, time is crucial in protecting your home and family. That's why Electronic Alarms responds to priority alarms in under 24 seconds with our 24-hr Security Command Center.

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Electronic Alarms can design cutting edge home burglar alarm systems that can include:

  • Sensors around the perimeter and on doors and windows
  • Passive Infrared or Dual Technology motion sensors
  • Broken glass, or shock and vibration sensors
  • Key-less entry
  • Remote arming and disarming
  • Email or text message alerts

Monitoring a Home Burglar Alarm

Electronic Alarms takes pride in our response time and customer service. Not only have we virtually eliminated false alarms, our associates are available around-the-clock with our 24-Hour Security Command Center, essential in the overall security of your home.

Family-Friendly Burglar Alarms

Modern home burglar alarm systems can be outfitted with the most up-to-date technology allowing for key-less entry, and remote access through email or text messaging. For instance, parents can be notified at work when their children come home from school. This amount of access and control furthers the comfort with an Electronic Alarms home alarm systems. (See Mobile Applications for more information.)

Pet-Friendly Burglar Alarms

Have a pet? Electronic Alarms will program your specific system to ensure your furry friend won't set off the system and create a false alarm.

Contact a security consultant today to learn how Rhode Island based Electronic Alarms can electronically protect your family and possessions.

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