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Mobile Applications for Business Security

The networked digital security interactive solutions available today from Electronic Alarms (powered by gives Rhode Island business owners and security managers unprecedented capabilities.

Receive an email with a video link showing unauthorized access to your business, whether it’s an intruder, or an employee entering a restricted area without permission. View any camera at your facility from a smartphone, tablet or Internet connected computer.  Deploy video analytics that can monitor the flow of customers in your store, trucks in and out of your yard, or materials as they move through your manufacturing plant.

A wide range of mobile security and business automation applications are part of Electronic Alarms’ technology platform. In most cases, they can be integrated on current-generation security panels. (Older business security systems may require upgrades to access these services.)

For more information on these mobile applications or advanced business systems, contact one of our security consultants at 401-737-2221.

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