Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

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Secure Your Investment


Physical security for your company is fundamental.  At Rhode Island based Electronic Alarms, your capital investment and the people at your company are protected with an intrusion detection business burglar alarm system.

Our integrated business burglar alarm security systems include:

  • External sensors (doors, windows)
  • Interior motion sensors
  • Glass, shock, and vibration sensors
  • Hidden and plain-view video surveillance systems
  • Vault and safe systems
  • Hold-up or panic buttons

Video Surveillance and Capture

Our video surveillance systems can be integrated with your business security system, so if there is an intrusion, the system can capture digital images of the scene and the perpetrators, and make those images instantly available from any Internet connection. Your business security system can also be configured to send a video clip of an intrusion or unauthorized access to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Integrating the Leading Burglar Alarm Technology

At Electronic Alarms our team is always scanning the technical edge of burglar alarm technology, to evaluate and integrate the best elements of hardware, software and design to configure business security systems that meet our business customers’ needs. We have long-standing preferred partner relationships with many of the top manufacturers in the burglar alarm industry -- however, we are not locked-in to any particular proprietary product or supplier, so we are always able to select the right technology for each customer application.

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