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Alarm Signals Must Get Through


It is essential to have more than one means of backup communication for your business security system so it will be able to send an emergency signal under any circumstances. Electronic Alarms uses multiple emergency backup security communication channels for our business security systems to make sure each customer knows their facilities and employees are always protected.

We recommend at least two of these four methods for alarm system communications:

  • Cellular networks
  • Long-range radio
  • Internet
  • Traditional phone lines

At least two communication channels, coupled with battery backup, ensures your business security system will remain functional and able to send an alarm signal when help is needed, even in the event of power outages or phone-line failure.

We have case studies of thieves in Rhode Island who have cut the phone and data lines at a customer’s business and broke in, thinking they had disabled the alarm, only to be caught by police who were dispatched to the scene within seconds of the intrusion because the system had multiple methods of emergency backup security communications.

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