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Electronic Alarms can design, install and manage an access control system to meet all Rhode Island business security needs. From a basic proximity card-based access control system, to a more advance biometric system using fingerprint, hand geometry and facial recognition to ensure the safety of your business.

With an access control system, you can limit who enters your facility, what areas they can gain access to, and when they can enter. These business security systems can provide security badge options and track specific employees, visitors and equipment movements in and out of your premises or restricted areas within your facility.

Your system will automatically perform business security functions such as the locking and unlocking of doors, as well as tracking and notifying you of invalid entry attempts based on wrong time, wrong location, or voided card use. Unlike issuing keys, an electronic access control system allows you to assign, modify or revoke entry privileges in minutes. An access control system can also be configured to automate employee time and attendance reporting.

New Technology: Web-Based Access Control

A web-based access control system with Electronic Alarms offers the most sophisticated technology without a need for any dedicated servers or computers. Our systems operate with solid-state control panels that are simply integrated into a company's existing IT network. What this means is now you or your security administrator will have remote access to your business security from any device with Internet access.

Electronic Alarms is local to Rhode Island, and understands that a web-based control system must be flexible and scalable to meet changing business demands. For instance, a small business might start off with a modest security system today controlling a few doors and a few dozen employees, but what happens when that business expands? Electronic Alarms makes it easy to scale-up an existing business security system whenever our customers need it.

Managing Access Control for Our Customers

Electronic Alarms can manage your access control system, handling tasks like adding users, deleting users, changing access permissions and running reports. Working with us to manage these administrative tasks gives your team more time to work on core functions of your business. We have staff available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so when an urgent matter arises, access control changes can be processed at any time of day or night.

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