10 Points for Choosing a Home Security Company

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People on the Line

Seconds count when your security is at stake. If you need help, or Just have a routine question, your security company's phone should be answered by their staff. Real people, not a frustrating phone-tree.

No Alarm Delays

There must be no transmission delays on your security system. Whether it's intrusion, smoke, carbon monoxide, or any trouble signal, your system should instantly send an alarm to the monitoring station. Some companies purposely delay signal transmission, because their systems are prone to false alarms.

Local Five-Diamond U.L. Monitoring Center

Your home should be monitored 24-7 by a local Five-Diamond, U.L. Certified Central Station. It should be owned and operated by your security company, not some distant third-party. It should be staffed by experienced people, who live in New England, know your community, and can document rapid response to alarm signals: 20 seconds or less is best-in-class.

Free Annual Wellness Inspection

Peace of mind is knowing that your security system will work when you need it most. Smoke detectors need periodic cleaning, back-up batteries need to be checked, and the system inspected for signs of wear. Your company should provide a free annual wellness visit to catch any problems before they lead to trouble, as required by NFPA code.

No False Alarms Fines

Many false alarms are linked to poor system design and/or installation. A best-in-class company will be confident of its systems, service and monitoring, it will pay any equipment-related false alarm fines.

Experience and Advanced Technology

A leading security company has seasoned in-house experts. They evaluate the technology landscape and deploy the right mix of devices and applications that meet your needs. By using both hardwired and wireless components, with back-up communications, they personalize systems for your home and lifestyle. Pets can be accommodated with the run of the house, or they can put home automation tools in the palm of your hand.

Compliance with LocalBuilding Codes

Building codes for placement of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other security components are important for your safety. Your security provider should demonstrate knowledge of all the building codes and regulations in your community. They should employ only fully-licensed technicians, who have security clearance. They should also obtain all required permits, for your protection.

Service in 24 Hours or Less

The best security is close to home. You need your system working at all times. So if you have an issue, and need priority service, your company should pledge to have a technician at your home within 24 hours of your call, or less.

No Outsourcing

A security company should personally handle every aspect of your system. Too many companies outsource monitoring or customer service operations. Best-in-class companies own and operate a Five-Diamond, U.L. Certified Central Station and have Their own team of licensed, well-trained staff to keep your system operating at peak performance.

Lifetime Warranty

A company should stand behind every home security system they install. If there is a technical defect, they should fix it for free as part of your monitoring service.


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