Burglar Fleeing with Cash Register Arrested in West Greenwich

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Burglar Fleeing with Cash Register Arrested in West Greenwich

Police responding to an alarm from a store in West Greenwich chased down and arrested a man seen fleeing the site carrying a cash register. 

Daniel Morrow, 29, of Coventry, was arrested August 15, 2014 and charged with breaking and entering into Herbal Healing on Nooseneck Hill Road, a smoke shop that sells equipment and offers cultivation counselling for medicinal marijuana consumers. Morrow is also charged in a string of break-ins at a restaurant in Johnston.

“It was just before midnight and the call from the alarm company woke me up,” said Stephan McDonagh, owner of the business. “They said the motion detector was going off and asked if anyone should be in the shop or if they wanted me to send police.”

McDonagh told the operator at Electronic Alarms’ 24-hour SecurityCommandCenter that the business was closed for the day and no one should be in the facility. Police were dispatched, and since the business is located close to the Coventry, West Greenwich town line, units from both communities responded.

“I jumped in my car, got there in a few minutes, and there were two police cruisers in the parking lot,” McDonagh said. “The officer from Coventry told me that West Greenwich police were in pursuit of the suspect.”

Morrow had apparently pried open the rear door of the business and was trying to break open the cash register as the alarm siren blared. A West Greenwich police unit was on patrol very close by when the dispatch call was made, so they arrived on scene quickly and saw Morrow running from the building, carrying the unopened cash register.

Police chased Morrow through a wooded area and then into a nearby neighborhood. “At some point he just threw the cash register to the ground and started running for his freedom, but they got him,”McDonagh said.

According to media reports, Morrow was arrested earlier in August and charged with three burglaries of the Clubhouse Pub in Johnston. Read more about the arrests at: http://www.turnto10.com/story/26296422/former-employee-charged-with-johnston-pub-break-ins-arrested-again

“My register was busted up, but that was about all the damage. So it could have been much worse,”McDonagh said. “I’m very happy with the alarm system and the service. And of course, it’s great the police officer was close by and they were able to catch the guy.”

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